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Steelers v Panthers 1st September

Tickets are now available to order for the game against Nottingham Panthers on 1st September and will be available from us until lunchtime on Friday 3rd August.

Contact 07849 612853 or (bank transfer required) to order or we will be at Ice Sheffield on Wednesday 1st August between 6-7.30pm to take bookings in person. We will also be taking booking for the game on 13th October.

Block 1 Adult £17. 90, senior £15.90, disabled £14.90, student £14.90, teen £11.45 & junior £9.45 (non members add 50p)

Block 2 Adult £19.90, senior £17.90, disabled £15.90, student £15.90, teen £12.45 & junior £11.45 (non-member add 50p)

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