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Important Constitution Information

At this years AGM we informed members that the current constitution was out of date and said that we would amend. The changes have been made mainly due to bank changes and improved media interactions.

The amendments have been carried out and we are publishing both old and new versions. This will allow our members most of the season to compare and raise any objections with us prior to the AGM of 2019. Copies of both constitution should be available on the desk but also downloadable from the SSSC website.

If you would like to raise an objection, please provide us with your proposal, in writing, no later than 21 days before the AGM. Your proposal should be signed by yourself and seconded by any other member of the supporters clubs who should also sign the proposal. These can be handed to us at the desk on any match night or posted to SSSC, c/o 19 Hole House Lane, Sheffield, S36 1BN.

To download the relevant constitution please select the options below:-

Original Constitution

Amended Constitution

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