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Important SSSC Announcement

Due to the ongoing situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and the early conclusion to the ice hockey season as a result, as a committee we feel that cancelling the planned Awards Night is the right thing to do.

This does leave us with a couple of issues to resolve:-

  1. We have seen a number of posts regarding this years team, thanking them for wearing the shirt with pride and bringing belief and enjoyment of hockey back to Sheffield. We don’t feel that this year should go by without our awards being voted for and the winners name being recorded on the trophies for the 2019-20 season. We would therefore invite all of our members to email us using before 27 March quoting your membership number and your vote in the following categories:- A) Player of the Year (adults only) B) Away Player of the Year (adults only) C) British Player of the Year (adults only) D) Kids of Steel Player of the year (children only)

We will announce the winners in these categories and the categories in which the committee vote during the week commencing 30 March.

2. We also need to arrange to refund all of the ticket money for the event which has been paid to us. This is not quite straight forward for instance, if you paid us by card, our little card machine deducts a fee of 1.75% from all transactions. Therefore to ensure that we are not out of pocket we need to deduct this from the money paid back to you. To arrange a refund, please email with your ticket number(s) and bank account details (account name, sort code and account number) and we will process this as soon as we can. Please appreciate that we do have day jobs and this may not be straight away.

Unfortunately, due to the terms and conditions of our bookings, we have had to pay out £750.00 on the event. If you did feel that you would like to contribute some of your ticket money towards this, whilst entirely at your discretion, it would be appreciated.

To everyone, please stay healthy and we hope to see all of you at the start of the new season.

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