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Playoff Weekend Refund Announcement

Following the announcement ' Magic5 and POFW - Update' issued by the Elite League Clubs today, this is the procedure for those of you who purchased your POFW tickets through the SSSC should you wish to obtain a refund rather than choosing to 'roll over' your tickets to the Magic5 Event.

In the first instance, please send an e-mail to, with the following information :

1. Name tickets booked under.

2. Exact tickets to be refunded (i.e 1 x family, 1 x adult, 2 x concession)

3. Block, row and seat numbers to be cancelled.

4. Sort code and Account number.

Please note we will only refund to an account in the same name that the original booking was made.

We do still have a small amount of tickets left that have not been collected, if you are one of these people that did not collect your tickets but do require a refund please make note of this on the e-mail you send us as you will not know your seat details and we can check these against what we have.

Once we receive your e-mail (unless we need more information from you) we will respond with an e-mail acknowledgement and we will then put the wheels in motion to obtain a refund on your behalf from Motorpoint Arena Nottingham. The next contact you will have from us will be when we have made the bank transfer to your account. Please bear with us as we will be sending requests through each Thursday rather than daily due to the number of tickets we sold, once we get the money back from the Motorpoint Arena we will split this and issue refunds accordingly - this will obviously take time, but we will get refunds back to everyone as soon as possible.

Please note that we will only be refunding the face value of the tickets.

Those of you who also paid to travel to the POFW weekend with us, please also confirm what you booked and when (if you know) so that we can check this against our records and we will be able to refund this money back to you at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

SSSC Away Travel

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