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Chloe's Fan Blog Week 2

So. This weekend we played Nottingham home and away. So let's break down what happened. Saturday 1st period. Personally I think Nottingham came out fighting for it and they were doing extremely well. We looked rusty only had this week to get ready. The Panthers were 4-2 up at the end of the first. No score in the 2nd however Greenfield and Ostland swap half way through the period. Second period 8 mins of penalties shorthand did well, scored on power play. Special teams seem good at the moment. At the start of the 3rd they had scored again. Until about 10 minutes to the end of the game when we tied. We went into overtime and penalty shots. We won in penalty shots with the game winning goals from Ciampini and Raska and. Rolled all four lines as much as possible including Graham who iced on the 4th line with Jonno and Whistle due to Conns not playing. Throughout the game the supporters were extremely loud, always cheering on the team. Sunday. Once again Nottingham came out fighting. They wanted to win. They score early one once again. Going into the second the Panthers were 1-0 up. We then came out fighting in the second. Close to the end of the third we were drawing, by the end of the game we won. Overall I think we have a solid team but need a guy on the rebound. Netties, Greenfield looks solid and we haven't seen enough of Ostlund yet. Chloe

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