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Chloes Fan Blog Weeks 9 & 10

This week has been interesting. We played exceptionally well over the weekend. We played Cardiff down in Cardiff bay on Saturday and made the 4 hour trip back to Sheffield for a 4:00 pm start on the Sunday against Fife. The first period was a scoreless one in Cardiff however it was quick and the fans were getting behind the team as much as they could. We were doing really well with special teams such as powerplay and penalty kill. It's good to see how much Aaron Fox trusts Brandon Whistle to put him out on both the penalty kill and powerplay. We scored on the powerplay and an empty net goal on Saturday. There's been a massive improvement on the powerplay. It looks like we have made a massive improvement. During the game on Sunday we scored twice on the penalty kill. There's been a massive improvement on both special teams. We played a game on Wednesday and we had a scoreless first period again. Dundee scored early in the second and we answered to equalise with a powerplay goal. They then scored a game winning goal in the third period. Over the weekend we played Nottingham in Nottingham. The first 10 minutes wasn't very productive but the rest of the game it seemed to be Nottingham scores we scored then after Danny scored and there last goal we ran away with it. It was a good game and nice to see Danny Kristo get his first man of the match. Again in the Sunday game we had a scoreless first however it was far from boring. We had 2 goals disallowed and Davey Phillips with a game band for check to the head. At first I didn't think it was as it looked like it was his shoulder that Davey hit, however the replay showed it was a check to the head. Let's wait for DOPS to see what suspension he comes out with. After the 3rd period we won 6-0 and this was Greenfield's 4th shutout against 4 different teams with only 5 more to go. Let's get a shutout against every team Greener. My favourite goal of the weeknd was the goal from Brandon Whistle. He has developed so much. I'll be the first to admit I wasnt a fan back in the 2018/19 season and at the start of last season he proved me wrong. It was nice to see him being recognized when he got the man of the match on Sunday and saw his first ‘eddy’ of the season.

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