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Chloes Fan Blog

Let's kick it all off with the game against Nottingham last weekend. We started the game strong and came out to fight. Nottingham came to Sheffield to prove a point with 'new' head coach Corey Nielson. At the start of the first Lagrone, he skates into the backside of Mitchell getting caught between the boards. Lagrone wasn't moving, Doctors and Physios from both teams went straight over and made the decision to call for a stretcher. All fans gave an applause for him, he was waving at fans and Nottingham twitter stated he was fine and was on a week to week basis. The game was an interesting game because the Panthers didn't give up too much time with 5 seconds left in the game. There was no score in the first period. We then came into the second and scored 2 goals within 3 minutes. Nottingham then scored late in the second to then only leave the Steelers with a 1 goal lead. It was a scoreless third until there was 5 seconds left in the period Kelly Summers tied the scoring and took the game into overtime and penalty shots. We had 5 different shooters then we went into sudden death penalty shots. Aaron Fox made the decision to give Brendan Connolly another chance to score and he took it. It went straight in and he went to the right hand corner and threw his stick into the crowd. Cardiff had a good game we knew going to be difficult. Cardiff had a goal waved off in the first minute 8 minutes later Brett Neumann scored on pp. By the end of the second Cardiff was 2-1 up. We found a way to equalise early in the first however less than 10 minutes later Cole Stanford won the game for Cardiff because the steelers were just unable to put the puck in the back of the net. Bowns stood on his head and saved Cardiff in important moments.

Coventry took a while to get going and we just seemed sloppy. Coventry was 2-1 up by the end of the first period. We seemed very slow, passing didn't seem as slick as previously. Once again we had 4 different scorers. Brett Neumann, Robert Dowd, Martin Latal and Danny Kristo scored important last goal to take to OT again. We stayed strong into penalty shots and we just couldn't get one past Coventry's netminder. Therefore Coventry came out with a win.

On to Cardiff Challenge Cup quarter final is going to be difficult first leg at home but lets cheer the boys on.

For all those that's missed it. Robert Dowds testimonial has been announced for the 17th March. If you are wanting tickets or information about any events involving the testimonial. See the SSSC Desk.

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