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Chloes Fan Blog Week 3

Over the last week we have played Manchester and Coventry. Manchester was away and Coventry was home and away. Manchester. I didn't go however from what I've been told we didn't seem to work together and we seemed to leave Ostlund on his own most of the time. Coventry at home. Sheffield scored within 24 seconds of the game and there wasn't a goal after that for either teams. Personally I found the game very boring. The boys didn't seem to be in it and we didn't seem to do much on the chances we had. Coventry away. Coventry came out fighting and scored the only 2 goals in the first. However in the 2nd we came out fighting and leveled the score line. In my opinion in the 3rd we seemed to 'let our foot off the gas' and we ended the game 4-2 in Coventry's favour. The refs weren't consistent throughout any of the games. They were not calling much then all of a sudden they were calling everything. An example is the away game vs Coventry the refs seemed to let the game flow then started calling more in the 3rd period .

Let's hope over the next week the defence gel more and we are ready for the league opener against Cardiff on Saturday.

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