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Chloes Fan Blog Week 4

The weekend just gone we played Cardiff at home and Guilford away. On Saturday we played Cardiff. Contrary to what a lot of steelers fans believed I thought that was the best hockey we have played over the last 3 weeks. The puck just didn't seem to be able to find the back of the net. The boys fought more and they stuck together more. The guys stuck together and helped each other when in trouble. For example, Connolly seemed to have a ‘target’ on his back. One point was when Petgrave evened out the fight. When we played Guilford in Guildford and although I didn't go I asked someone who went and he said 'To be honest the score didn’t reflect the performance…. Was much closer, Greenfield bailed us out.. and penalty kill especially 2 short handed goals. 5 on 5 is a real concern. Need more from the “big guns”- Ciampini Connolly etc, Neumann looks like he's starting to show his potential but can’t see any finished product yet.. early days I suppose'. Which is a valid point at the end of the day. It's our 2nd league game. He also said 'Taking too many penalties as well, which hasn't been an issue as our kill has been good and scoring some shortys too, but in the long run of the league it’s gonna hurt us so we need to be more disciplined'.

Let's hope the first challenge cup game goes as we hope and we get a win and let's have some away magic in Dundee.

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