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Chloes Fan Blog Weeks 7 & 8

Sorry I've been so busy and this week is late but I've got 2 in 1 for you. On Saturday 1st October we played Nottingham in the Challenge Cup and we won. Personally I thought that we dominated in the first 10 minutes of the first and we let Nottingham come into the game and it became boring until the 3rd when we came out fresh and fighting. On Sunday we won in Coventry there wasn't much going on in the game other than Petgrave was thrown out because he ‘Abused an official’ however he was highsticked in the face and it wasn't called. When Petgrave was thrown out the first time he had a target on his back. We played Guilford on the TV on Thursday. I have learnt over the years of us being on TV (Premier or Freesports) we rarely win. It was a good game because Scott Allen scored less than a minute into the game. It was a good game however, it ended 4-3 to Guilford in overtime. The refs need to be more consistent, there were certain calls that had confused me on why they had and hadn't been called. I agree with what Foxy said in an interview last week when he said neither players or coaches know what could be called and why. Also watching back the game from Thursday the ref is swearing at Jonathan Phillips and it makes you see why the players don't respect the refs. On Saturday we played the Manchester Storm. Once again Petgrave was thrown out. We ended the game 5-4 in overtime. The next day we played Dundee in Dundee and we dominated throughout the game however it was against a deflated Dundee team. We won 5-0. Most of the scores were different and the powerplay looked the best it has in a while. Pitule took a hit from behind. Let's hope that he’s ok for the weekend. Good luck this weekend boys.

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