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Welcome To Chloe's Fan Blog

Hi my name is Chloe Gill and this season the supporters club have decided to do a weekly blog about the progress of the team and I volunteered to do it.

In this week's blog Aaron Fox and Mike Mawer answered questions about the new season. Aaron was asked about the style of guys he had brought in and he used the phrase 'young, physical and fast'.

When looking at the new players he has bought in Aaron listed what they were brought in to do. For example Scott Allen, was brought in for size, Daniel Ciampini was brought in to score points (mainly goals). However, Brett Neumann was brought in to drive the line he's playing on. Both Matt Petgrave and Adam Raska were brought in as dominant players. The final player Aaron talked about was Brandon McNally. Aaron said that McNally 'had a bad taste in his mouth' then when describing McNally Aaron said he's 'nasty and competitive'. Aaron also hopes that McNally goes past his expectations of being a 4th liner as that's the job he's been initially brought in to do. Aaron was also happy with the netminding situation and as Oskar Ostlund signed a two year deal meaning he can study at Sheffield University and it meant we could also bring in Matt Greenfield so we have I think a strong pair in goal this season. It was also good to see Curtis Warburton back and Jordan McLaughlin meaning we have 4 netminders to call upon this season. Several people asked if players such as Brendan Connolly would be ready for the start of the season. Mike said 'Conns has been in the gym since before his surgery and has been in ever since'. Mike also mentioned other players such as Latal who is 'a freak in the gym'. When talking about signings Aaron said that if it was his choice he would 'announce the players as they landed in the country.

I asked Aaron and Mike about their favourite and least favourite arena's in the EIHL. Aaron said that Cardiff was his favourite arena because of the memories from the Challenge Cup, however, Mike said that Belfast and Glasgow were his favourites because of the facilities. They both agreed with the worse arena and said that vote was given to Manchester (Altringham) because Aaron said he 'fears for the players when in Manchester because the ice is so bad'. Mike said 'I would prefer Whitley Bay' than Manchester, which was surprising because several people comment on Whitley Bay being a bad arena. Well thats my first blog completed, more from me next week.


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